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It doesn’t matter what profession you actually.. if you even.. work in. Recent runway fashions are translating into everyday street-style and these fashions happen to look (almost) office appropriate.

Super popular right now are the deconstructed work shirt and dress. These styles add femininity to an otherwise androgynous look. Brands like Self-Portrait are doing this trend the best right now. Buy Self-Portrait at Net-A-Porter

Pinstripe print is also extremely popular right now. Whether it be a pinstriped pant, dress, or blazer, the trend is hot. Thank goodness I saved all of my pinstriped pieces. I always love a good pinstripe, but I felt like for a while everyone was considering it dated. That’s why I like it so much, it reminds of me old classic New York.

Theory makes a beautiful pinstripe double-breasted jacket. The cool thing about this jacket is that you can really throw it over any outfit. White jeans, denim jeans, black leggings, these all work. Get it from Neiman Marcus

There are some crazy styles out there, so do not get too caught up in the “trendy” aspect. Remember, trendy is the last stage before tacky, so stick with a classic, flattering fit and you will love your outfit for years.

I love a good blazer, you really cannot have enough of them.

For a pregnant woman, a simple tee with a blazer over it, paired with skinny jeans and sneakers, is an uber chic look. I would suggest going up a size or 2, it’s not like you are going to close your blazer anyways, but just to have a roomy fit in general is always nice. Then once losing weight, or simply just not pregnant at all, throw this baggier blazer on over a chunky turtleneck sweater or heavy sweater of any sort, and you are good to go.

You would be surprised how often in the Winter I grabbed for a blazer but they were all too tight to fit over any sweater I had. I now have a variety of blazers all for different purposes. Heyyyy that could be my next post.

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Samantha Lease is a style expert who resides between Houston/NYC/NJ. She associates herself and her style with that of New York, as she has lived in the City for over 10 years before her recent stint in Houston. Coming home at least once a month and staying current with all things NYC 24/7, she is totally in touch with everything Manhattan has to offer, especially the fashion. Follow her Instagram page here: @incessantlyXchic