Nimses – all that buzz and how it will actually earn you money

So the world is been talking about this new viral social network for a couple of days now.

A bit Black Mirror-ish, huh? Rings the bell, right?

It was launched somewhere in Eastern Europe and took over the world in days.

Being launched in the U.S. just a couple of days ago it’s already sky rocketing the net! 🚀

Two questions here.

Why is it happening and why is it important for us. And by us, I mean – moms.

Why is NIMSES becoming so popular so fast?

To answer that question, we first need to figure out what is NIMSES.

First and foremost NIMSES is a social network. Like in Facebook or Instagram, where you can share your pictures, chat and express your adoration.

Yeah, I’m not saying “like” cause that’s where the main difference is. Technically you don’t just “like” posts in NIMSES. You do something way WAY bigger – “superlike” called NIM.

But first things first.

We all know how important time is. Kids grow so fast, years go by.

Creators of NIMSES took the saying “time is money” to the whole new level. Because inside NIMSES, time literally equals money.

From the minute you register in the network, you start getting NIMs. NIM is a crypto currency that works within NIMSES.

One NIM equals one minute. You get 1440 NIMs each day. Just for existing. Sounds awesome, right?

Don’t get too excited! For everything you do inside the network – you pay NIMs. And the most important thing – if you like someone’s post, instead of “liking” it, you just NIM it.

Just think about it. YOU share your time with someone! You give your time to someone.

This is how you can earn even more and more! And MORE!

FYI. One 1000 NIM currently equals $1 (*according to rate forecast for 01.02.2018)!

What is a NIMB?

nimb (nim balance)

NIMB is your virtual wallet within NIMSES. A place where all your NIMs accumulate.

Important Note: if you invite more friends using your code you will get an additional 4320 NIMs per each newly registered user! 

And each new user registered through your invite code gets 1440 NIMs.

free nims (nimses promo code)

Who are the ANGELS and why does everyone want to be one?

Angels are the ambassadors of NIMSES lifestyle! They are not just cool and popular people. They truly reflect the energy and the idea of the project.

Why would you want to become an angel?

angel nimses

For starters, your NIMB will have a different color and you have HUMAN status by default (cause Nimses team hand picks angels and have a direct communication with each of them).

I’ll tell more about other amazing perks for Angels in my future posts.

How can NIMSES help moms?

The whole concept changes the game for moms who already started their “work from home” businesses (HAVE MOBILE PHONE + following in Instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc.). Now you are not only hoping to get money from sponsored posts or reviews or affiliate marketing. You can REALLY earn NIMs for your high-quality engaging content. Right away!

How will you use the Nims? 

  1. You can engage in a conversation with strangers, sending them some nims. Sounds more sophisticated than Tinder swipes, right? Moreover, you are sure talking to a Human, not another bot or scammer.
  2. Creators of the App promise to have Nismes Goods soon. You’ll be able to purchase real products and services for Nims (a cryptocurrency you generate just for being you)!

Yes, believe it or not, you’ll be able to buy a coffee, a pair of shoes or even a car. Sounds unbelievable? Not at all, if you think about the giveaways, sweepstakes or any prizes, promotions, you can easily understand that brands are ready to give Free goods for a decent advertising. Now imagine millions of users in your city who are ready to use their social capital buying your product. I would definitely offer something.

Of course, you can say that it might attract freebie-seekers and treasure hunters. Well, I guess a smart business owner will find a way to limit the offer so that it would not hurt the overall business model.

NIMSES and honesty

This idea made me wonder about one thing. How journalism and blogging can become honest again. You wouldn’t need to compromise between featuring a brand that has enough money to compensate you or the one that has no promo budget but is cheaper/better/higher quality.

You’ll just need to be true.

Sounds good enough for me. I’m trying it!



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