New Stay-at-Home Mom Guide

New Stay-at-Home Mom Guide

So, you just found out you’re expecting and you have a job. What are you going to do in 10 months? Will you keep working and put your child in day care or will you stay at home with the baby? Or maybe you’re on baby number 2 or 3 and the financial perks of a dual income are being heavily outweighed by the cost of day care and the lost time you could be spending with your babies.

Well, if you decide to stay at home with your baby after taking time off for your recovery, read our guide for new moms on the perks of staying at home.

Apart from the obvious benefit of being with your cute little creations all day long and being able to impart all your wisdom and love into them, staying at home doesn’t mean you need to cut your career off. You may put your career on hold, but you can easily take on some other roles with the goal of generating income or even better ‘building your brand’. Your brand? What kind of a brand can a mom have, you ask?

Well, moms all over the world are documenting their life at home, their baby’s cuteness, and their knack for whatever they are into on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can take any task you do with your child and make it a special moment that can inspire other moms who relate to what you are going through. After some dedicated time building this brand and this following, you have a captive audience for monetization. Of course it is a lot harder than it seems written down, but some moms have found they have a knack for a type of job like this.

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The perks are that you create your own schedule, you do what you normally do, but you have to put a lot more work into making it special by dressing the part, keeping corners of your home pristine and inspirational with great lighting, but with a little effort that actually keeps you on your game and keeps your home in order, you can gain quite a following of moms who either wish they could live like you live or who are doing the exact same thing and want someone to commiserate with. Brands around the world who market to moms just like you are looking for opportunities to create these marketing moments with moms who have an audience. Even better some moms like @infanciaematernagem have used not only themselves but their beautiful children as a canvas for their brand and the results are stunning.

Even if this seems a little too contrived for you, you should still be active on social media – join some private facebook groups and engage in at least one social media platform consistently. The things you will learn by doing this will actually give you a marketing edge that you would not have gained if you had continued working without taking time off. It takes a lot of time and effort to build an audience so it’s always a good idea to begin building it as soon as possible because it can be a platform that you can use for other things later on.

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