New generation of woMEN is saying: WHY men?

After all mankind went through. Somewhere in between chasing mammoths and reaching for the outer space – we lost the value of Man. And I don’t mean mankind. I mean MAN. Particularly.

We date, we flirt, sometimes we even get married (very rarely). But they’ve become nothing more, but an accessory.

Seriously, check your Instagram feed.

Here is my new Prada bag!

Here is my new boyfriend!

They teach us how to build space shuttles and fight cancer, but they never mention how to become a woman. Nowadays men and women are raised to be equal.

But in deed, are we equal?

Todays women are getting more and more power. The most incredibly talented scientist are women. Badass doctors, researchers and even athletes – are women. No offense, boys.

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Instead of sitting in the cave, taking care of kids and waiting, we can now go and get it ourselves. We can.

My cave no longer needs me. I can hire a babysitter and a house maid. I can order take out and go hunt my fresh and raw food in any local sushi bar.

Why do we need man? We are becoming MEN.

How many marriages are falling apart simply because women are facing the same question:


Mankind is evolving and changing. We can deny or even worse try to bring back some traditions or the way of life of the past, but it’s not going to work.

The perception of family, the position of man and woman need to be reviewed and revised. 

According to The New York Times the divorce rate is not raising so quickly as it was in mid 80-s anymore. Though, there is a catch. Fewer people are actually getting married now. Meaning, that families fall apart long before actually becoming a family. Record amount of kids are now being raised in one parent household. Without a role model, where family consists of two complimenting partners.

We need to find that answer. We need to find a new way of building a family.

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