Most affordable way to keep your family charged

The most affordable way to keep your family charged

When your entire family needs to keep its devices charged up and running, you can’t just fall back on one of those dinky little lipstick tube sized battery chargers. After all, today’s family doesn’t just share a single flip-phone anymore. Each family member usually has his or her own smartphone, not to mention portable video game consoles, tablets, and even the up and coming smart watches.

Of course, it isn’t merely the gadgets that cause batteries to be drained, but the way in which they are being used. With affordable data plan options such as the Tmobile family plan, mobile devices are being used for an even broader range of uses, many of which are connected. When three or four people are using a family mobile data plan at once, it means that battery power is being rapidly used up. After all, internet connections are some of the biggest power pigs that live inside a smartphone.

This doesn’t mean that the Tmobile family plan isn’t a good idea. It can be a fantastic way to make sure a data plan remains affordable to keep everyone online no matter where they happen to be. But at the same time, it will mean that you’ll need to have a backup strategy to keep those devices from running out of juice.

In this area, it’s backup power banks like the Mogix that can be a lifesaver. The flagship device from the brand has 10,400 mAh, which means that every member of the family could recharge their smartphone and the power bank would still be able to provide more power before it would need to be plugged into a wall. In fact, it could charge up to six iPhone 6S Plus smartphones before it needs to have itself recharged.

Most affordable way to keep your family charged

Even better, it has two ports, which means that two gadgets can be recharged at a time. Less waiting means more happy family members. This feature is especially important on road trips, while waiting in airports and other times when smartphones and tablets are key to keeping the family busy, but when it may be impossible to plug into a wall long enough to recharge the device.

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