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Good denim is one of life’s necessities. There is nothing better than a good fitting pair of jeans!! .. And of course there is nothing worse than an ill fitting pair of jeans. No bueno.

I want to focus this article on 100% maternity clothing! Yeiiiii.

These are all pieces that I would definitely wear – you know, like if I was actually pregnant :P

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These J Brand maternity jeans I love – they are fitted throughout the thigh (a place that I always want to be kept tight and sucked in – yet they are not super clingy around the ankle. I hear that ankles swell up in pregnancy but who knows?

When people think denim they normally think jeans BUT denim also means shirts & dresses. When done right, the look is super chic.


This ASOS pregnancy dress is a perfect example. Pair with flats and your hair in a tight bun and you look instantly polished. This look is easy to just throw on and run out of the house.

And have you heard .. of .. Up Close & Stylish?

Up Close & Stylish is a fashion blogger on Instagram and her maternity looks were insane. (in a good way)


Here she shows us how to work a denim shirt into our pregnancy wardrobe. This is an older photo and her shirt is Forever 21. I don’t see mommy clothes online at F21 but maybe she purchased it in plus size?

This one from GAP is similar and it is for maternity. I love how clean the lines are.


I also like the idea of wearing the denim shirt open. That way you can purchase it in regular size and not have to worry about the fit so much. A chic combo is white jeans, a white top, and a blue denim shirt. Also chic are black jeans, a black top, and a denim shirt. These combos make it okay to wear the denim shirt open.

Something(s), however, that I hate with a P A S S I O N are jean jackets and jean skirts!!! It even sounds ugly, like ‘hey girl what are you wearing?’ .. ‘oh you know, just the usual and a jean jacket.’ ??? Or ‘I have a date tonight should I wear my jean skirt?’ … like NO. That is not cute.

This classic shift dress from F21 isn’t maternity but it might as well be! Pair with a similar jacket to the model and a plain pair of sneakers (keds) or flats and you’re so chic.


Last but not least, the takeaway …

Denim should be E F F O R T L E S S. If it feels like you are trying too hard to make the outfit work, you probably are and thank God I wrote this article, because if you follow my advice I promise you will look 10x chicer than expected!

But seriously .. keep it simple and make sure the fit is good and you can’t go wrong with these styles.


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