Like a Lady

Don’t you just love being a woman?

Wait, no, I’m being totally serious!

We get to play with fashion in so many different ways. One day we can look ultra feminine and the next we can look totally androgynous. I love both looks. But for now I want to focus on our super sexy feminine side.

Now, don’t be afraid to show some skin! Even though (and I know some of you are) thinking that this article totally doesn’t apply to you because you are a self respecting mother and you don’t show your skin like that- you’re so wrong!

Women come in all shapes and sizes and as long as you choose an outfit that is flattering to your body type, you can definitely get away with showing some skin. Women’s bodies are beautiful (yes, even yours) and we shouldn’t be afraid to show it. Chances are we keep telling ourselves that we will hit the gym next month, or we are going to start that diet next week. But those things don’t 100% matter and the time is now to wear that outfit in confidence.

Here are my fool proof ways to show some skin and feel womanly!

A sexy keyhole top and skinny jeans never hurt anybody ;)


Please let’s show some leg while we still can ladies!


Off the shoulder is always sophisticated and sexy.


So there you have it – you can show some skin without feeling like you are overdoing it. No matter what shape or size you are these looks will look really good on you. Having good posture, standing tall and shoulders back, sitting pretty, all these things will make your outfit look that much better! Wear your outfit with confidence and don’t be afraid to show a little!


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Samantha Lease is a style expert who resides between Houston/NYC/NJ. She associates herself and her style with that of New York, as she has lived in the City for over 10 years before her recent stint in Houston. Coming home at least once a month and staying current with all things NYC 24/7, she is totally in touch with everything Manhattan has to offer, especially the fashion. Follow her Instagram page here: @incessantlyXchic