Just do this simple exercise and you will never yell again

Just do this simple exercise and you will never yell again

Being a mother means being in a constant search of balance!

Yeah, try to find some harmony, while all you are doing is basically only feeding, cooking, changing and cleaning… And if, God forbid, you have a teenager on top of that all, you are also a part-time psychotherapist.

In search of harmony all usually find – is stress.

But what if, there was a simple routine, that could help every mom if not to find that perfect point of ZEN, but at least reduce the level of stress.


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Actually, there is.

Just do this simple exercise and you will never yell again.

We’ve been practicing the breathing techniques for a while now. We (mostly me) started doing this exercises every now and then. When I felt like the inevitable moment of yelling is coming, I just started breathing… And you know what? It helped! 

Now I just start my every day with these exercises.

Here is what you need to do!

Find a comfortable position.
Close your eyes.
Hands on your knees.
Inhale pressing your belly out forcefully and exhale drawing it back in with light force. repeat for 27 breaths.
Take a deep inhale, hold your breath until you cannot anymore. As you hold your breath lift up your pelvic floor, pull your chin in towards your chest. When you cannot retain your breath anymore, exhale. Repeat three times.

It’s called Bhastrika.  And it makes miracles! 

Apart from uplifting your mood and making you happy(almost like sex), it also increases metabolism (like sex exactly).

And there is a nice bonus. Ever since I’ve started doing this incredible exercise I’ve noticed dramatic change in my eating habits. First of all I drink less coffee, because I sort of feel more awake. More conscious.

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