In The Heat of the Night

In my last post I joked about wearing silk and cashmere to sleep, but then quickly alluded to the fact that actually I may be wearing my almost decade old Victoria’s Secret pajamas.

Which is fact? I’ll keep you guessing but I can tell you truthfully that it is important to rethink your sleepwear game.


First, it will boost your self confidence. I mean do you ever really feel good in old, ill-fitting, possibly dirty pajamas? I didn’t think so. I’m sure your significant other doesn’t think so either. (hint: looks still matter)

When you have overnight company you won’t be frantically looking for something decent to sleep in. Also, if you have to lend a pair of pj’s to a friend or family member, you want them to look respectable, not like you just grabbed them off of some homeless person’s back. Whoops.

If you have to quick run to the garbage room in your apartment complex, run to the mailbox, answer the door, or anything else that prompts you to just quick get up and go without thinking, you shouldn’t have to worry if someone catches you. I mean the idea is that yes you are in your pajamas but yes you also look good and approachable.

Seriously, you will feel better about yourself and more motivated if you look better. This is a fact.

Don’t go to bed and wake up sloppy. It sets a tone and a standard level.

So here are some pajama ideas that I love.

Ralph Lauren always has amazing pajama sets, and I particularly like their shirt dresses. They also have the same selection in plus size. Amazing.


The GAP also currently has some chic sleep shirts on sale. Grab them while you can!

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Eberjey has super comfy, super chic, pj sets and I seriously suggest getting a pair.


I would recommend not getting plaid but rather plain or paisley pj’s. Plaid comes off as a bit immature, and I also recommend not choosing a cutesy pattern. We are adults here, leave the Hello Kitty and the Star Wars for the kids. 😉

Of course lace pajamas are always welcomed and warranted. Chic, sleek, and sexy. Yes please!

imageservice screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-05-36-am

Natori (pictured above) does sleepwear like NO OTHER! I mean seriously the Natori brand gets the need for sexy sleepwear, and their gowns are no exception.

N Natori, a Natori brand, has an amazing selection of silk like robes and they are the best for throwing on over a cute shorts set of sleepwear to complete the look. The robes are affordable, chic, and practical. There is no reason not to own a robe.

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So the takeaway is this:  It is important what you sleep in, whether you realize it or not. You do not have to exchange comfort for elegance. They should actually go hand in hand.

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