How To Wear Florals

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So I want to venture out of my comfort zone and talk about florals. I rarely, if ever, wear anything with a floral print. But because it’s Summer, I think it’s fitting to incorporate these prints into our wardrobes.

Florals can go really wrong, really fast. In my opinion they can go from childish, to full on grandma, real quick. It’s so important to know what will look both chic and modern when purchasing your floral frocks.

Fit is always key in my opinion, and this floral blouse from Intermix definitely has a modern fit. You can get away with more if the fit of your garment is extremely flattering. I would pair this top with tighter skinny jeans, as opposed to the model’s wide leg pants. BUT the model looks uber chic and the wide leg pants definitely make her look more elegant. This is a perfect example of daytime elegance.

I’m also recently into cleavage, I know it sounds weird, but I am hooked on all Victoria’s Secret push-up bras, and the fact that this blouse has a v-neck, makes it all that more interesting to me. Who says moms can’t be sexy and show some cleavage? Just because you are now a mother doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to be sexy.


The same goes for this Zimmerman floral blouse. Super chic, elegant, and sexy. Understated elegance at its finest. Wear this blouse with skinny pants, jeans, or leggings.This tummy flattering swimsuit is definitely a stunner. Super gorgeous and flattering no matter your body type, this swimsuit is worth every penny. You can wear this countless times and it will buy avodart online never get old. Appropriate for all occasions, don’t be afraid to show your body and look good!


I also would totally rock this dress. I like it because you almost can’t tell that it is a floral pattern. And the fit is amazingggg! Wear with heels or flats for a modern look. Personally I would wear with simple strappy heels. Like these Stuart Weitzman ones. And I would wear a simple classic Chanel to compliment the whole look. The model’s heels and bag definitely age her, and honestly they are just not that cute.


Don’t complicate your look when wearing florals (or when, well ever). Keep everything else super simple when wearing a floral piece. This floral piece is your accent piece in regards to your whole outfit.

And that my friends is florals done right!!!

If you are on the fence about an item, don’t buy it. If it looks attractive and sexy on you, and you feel awesome in it, this is when to make the purchase. Definitely wait for the right floral garment to catch your eye, it’s soooo much better to splurge on one outstanding item, then to settle for 3 lesser looks that you don’t actually really like. Trust me, they will sit in your closet, and you will be pissed that you wasted $100 on each piece thinking quantity over quality. Because trust me, you will never wear these pieces and then the “quantity” goes down to 0, right along with the quality. It’s okay to make the splurge.

Main photo Edwin Andrade

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