How to: run the world!

Literally. Run.

I mean, not only run, though. TRX, Yoga, Pilates. Whatever you’re into. From now on, you can do it in style, in great company and anywhere in the world. ?


With Fitior, new app, that was launched days ago, you can find yourself a cross-fit buddy, wherever you go.

I remember those times when I was free single and travelled a lot. I lived in Paris for a few months. ?? I used to run every morning (happy person). I was so excited. I started by the Louvre and run along the Seine right to the Pont d’Lena. At first it was so much fun! But by the end of my first month I was so damn tired of my regular route, even my after run sin (croissant) buy proscar online didn’t make me happy. I had to flirt with some local guy. I must say, french guys are seriously slow (no offence). It took me a week to finally make him ask me on a date. It was a shame for him. Cause all I wanted was a new picturesque running route and a running buddy.

I wish I had Fitior back then!


Anyway, as they say: better later than never.

Oh! One more thing!

Finally! There is a place where you can post all of your pics from the GYM! And no-one will say that you are totally cuckoo. ? Thank you! Thank you! I’m pretty sure, that couple of dozens of friends already hate me, because of my fitness selfies.


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