How to propose in style

You can never go wrong with a bouquet of peonies and the roof of the Empire state building. And of course, don’t forget, a princess cut 2 karat diamond ring – definitely won’t hurt.

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But nowadays, when everything is so available. Especially if you live in the city like New York. It’s kind of seriously hard to surprise someone. A I must say, New York women are one of the MOST sophisticated in the world.

So here are a few hints on how to make your proposal truly unique… in NYC.

1. Use the city.

They say you can get anything you want in New York. And they are right. So why won’t you use it. For your own good ?

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After all who won’t like to be a part of “happily ever after”?

2. Use connections.

Yes. Most likely you are the person who knows her the best! But it never hurts to have a second opinion. Ask her friends to help.

3. Plan but improvise.

It’s great to stick to the plan. But no matter how hard you try, there is always something that goes wrong. So be natural, relax and make it happen no matter what.

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