How I won a fitness challenge to lose 5 pounds fast

How I won a fitness challenge to lose 5 pounds fast

Let me begin by saying that not everyone will be able to lose 5 pounds after doing what I did. Some may lose more, some may lose less. It all depends on your physical makeup. Also you should speak to your doctor or physician before embarking on your fitness journey.

Now that the disclaimers have been taken care of, let me begin. I am not too fat, I consider myself as an average build. I do have a little fat around the tummy but I think that it is a sign of prosperity. I am subjected to a little ribbing by friends usually about the excess fat that I carry, but I used to shrug it off as light hearted banter. Until recently I never thought that one day I would get so angry with the ribbing that I would resolve to lose fat and get washboard abs.

It so happened that the light hearted ribbing was going on when one of my friends challenged me that  I would not be able to lose weight because I did not have the determination and the drive that is required to do so. I just got miffed that I would be challenged when we were in a group. It became an ego issue for me. So many of my friends and acquaintances were looking at me and most were smiling and nodding as if my friend was correct. I accepted the challenge and said that I would lose 5 pounds fast and then meet them.

I reached home and started browsing the internet to find any exercise or diet that would help me lose weight fast. There were many and I had to go through each of them. Each one had its merits and disadvantages. Still fuming at the supposed ignominy heaped on me I wanted to show my friends that I was capable of anything when I put my mind to it. However, I felt that I needed to relax and only then I would be able to find the right fitness regimen. I took a while to get over my anger and once relaxed I was able to put my mind to focus on the fitness regimen that I wanted. I chanced upon a diet to lose 5 pounds fast and I made up my mind to try it.

To lose 5 pounds and that too quickly one had to follow the diet for a week, though some people lost 5 pounds quicker. The diet consisted of breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. For breakfast I had the option of eating 8 egg whites scrambled or 2 scrambled eggs with the yolk along with one cup of berries. I alternated between scrambled egg whites and scrambled eggs during the week. A snack at around 11 in the morning consisted of 2 tablespoons of almonds or raw celery or raw cucumber. Lunch consisted of chicken, a bowl of brown rice and a bowl of broccoli, followed by dinner which consisted of 5 bowls of spinach and a cup of lentils. Following this diet I was able to lose more than 5 pounds.

I went to the next get together and I made sure that everybody noticed the changes and also ensured that the challenger accept that I have what it takes to achieve if I put my mind to it.

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