Have A Spooky Movie Halloween With CINEMOOD

I was seriously running out of ideas for this upcoming Halloween.

I mean, our family can get pretty picky, especially when it comes to having fun. Well, you know, when you’re constantly invited to different parties, presentations and venues of all kind and magnitude, kids get used to every kind of fun. And you just can’t surprise them.

I was an inch away from canceling Halloween this year. Yep.

And then I remembered – CINEMOOD!

There is an endless amount of possibilities with this portable projector-storyteller. And I’m going to share our ideas in advance, thus you’ll have enough time to order your CINEMOOD storyteller.

So, let’s

Have A Spooky Movie Halloween With CINEMOOD

We are going to turn your home into a haunted house.


πŸŽƒChoose a room. It has to be big enough to accommodate your all family and may be some guests. But, since it has to be relatively dark, blackout blinds would be a nice bonus. In our house the master bedroom is perfect for this.

πŸŽƒFirst of all, go on youtube and find a suitable video. You need flying ghosts, spooky music and weird sounds.

πŸŽƒTurn on your CINEMOOD. Go to Streaming => find Youtube icon and click on it. => Find your video and start streaming it on your ceiling or any blank wall.

πŸŽƒDon’t forget to serve very scary treats. You can’t go wrong with candy corn and candied apples.

πŸŽƒMake sure you have some pumpkin faces and safe candles. Yes, you want to substitute those real candles with electronic candles. You have kids!

πŸŽƒCovering some of you furniture with white sheets is a cool idea too. First of all – it won’t get messed up by crazy kids. And it will also add to the “haunted house” look. Thank me later!


Have a Happy Safe Calm Spooky Halloween, mommiesΒ πŸ˜‰

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