Good bye Sephora – 3 affordable websites to buy makeup

Good bye Sephora – 3 affordable websites to buy makeup.

How much money you spend on make up per year?

I’d better not say how much I do. My husband reads this website quite frequently. Too risky. ?

Let’s just put it this way, since I’ve found this 3 affordable websites to buy makeup, I’m saving about $1000 each year. And yes, my love, I spend them all on you. ?

So no more Sephora for us, ladies! Even, though, they’ve collaborated with Pantone and created incredible color of the year collection. Which is actually surprisingly cheap.

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I’m totally obsessed with it. But the year has just started and all the Tranquility lipsticks are sold out ?

1. Korea Department Store

All kids of Korean brands delivered right to your door. By the way, they still have the Tranqulity and much MUCH more in stock.

–  you’ll have to pay for shipping, which is not really fast

+ cheap prices

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+ free shipping worldwide

– there are some negative impressions, but we know, that it mainly depend on personal experience. So you can just give it a shot.


Not our regular selection of known brands. If you are willing to discover something new and pay less – click immediately! And the prices will surprise you! ???

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