Get ready for bikini season with these 3 fat burning exercises

Get ready for bikini season with these 3 fat burning exercises

1. Tabatas

Tabatas – not, ciabatta bread…tabatas – they are 8 rounds of the same short intervals – 4 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training followed by 20 seconds of max training, followed by a brief rest. The change in pace and quickness gets your heart pumping, calories burning, and gets your sweat on! Ditch the mind-numbing hour on the treadmill – do a quick at home tabata session on your TV, join a class, or find a buddy – alternate making up your HIIT rounds. It will be fun, inspiring, and you will be done with your workout in 30 minutes with no time wasted! That gives you 30 minutes to do something else like bikini shopping!

2. Swimming

Why not work on your tan while exercising? Swimming is such great cardio and so great for developing stronger lungs and upper arm strength. It also works your back muscles which women often ignore and all of the tiny core muscles deep down that some dry-land exercises don’t address. It’s also super sexy to be able to bring it out at the pool while wearing a cute bikini. And swimming is such a great age-reverser. Get 30 min a day of anti-gravity in the water, it helps take the load off of your vertebrae, off of your face, off of your feet. The effects will be felt when you get out of the water!

3. Stomach Vacuum

Have you ever heard of the stomach vaccuum? It is not a literal vacuum but it might just be the most sensible and most amazing ab exercise ever. You simply blow out all the air in your lungs slowly and hold it for 5 seconds with your abs fully engaged and tightened as much as possible, then fill your lungs back up slowly but without letting go of your abs. Getting all the air out holds your ab muscles in the tightest they will ever be and the continued reps give them some muscle memory. Instead of only holding your abs in during exercise, this exercise focuses on training your abs to be held in at all times, even when at rest. This also explains why some people do crunch after crunch but when you catch them off guard, their tummy is bulging out like they have never done a plank before.
So – do some stomach vaccuums in the morning, do a quick tabata during lunch for 30 min, then go for a quick swim just before the sun goes down and have what might just be the best day ever!
Main photo credit Christopher Campbell

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