Everything you need to know about diets

First of all, ket me cast light on what I’m going to do. I’m not going to post any particular diet here. And I’m not join to encourage you to quit gluten or coffee or even sugar (God, I really hope you already did).

What I’m going to do, is – try to ensure you, that NOT every diet is as good for you as it may seem.


A friend of my mom posted a new diet plan on her Facebook. It was low in fat and calories. All foods such as nuts, seeds, oils, full-fat dairy, butter and spreads were banned.

And As you may assume (because she is my mom’s friend) she is very young 50 something woman.

Her goal was to get rid of 10 pounds.

So, what’s your thoughts? Is this diet plan good for her?

Should a young 50 something woman give up healthy fats and especially fatty acids, that contain in nuts, seeds, oils and full-fat diary? Well, if she wants to look like she really is 50 or even 60.

This type of diet will do if you have 5 days left to your wedding and you need to get rid of that 4 pounds to fit into the dress! But on a longer term, it will cause some health problems.

Choose a sustainable diet plan.

So, to start with, you should clarify how healthy particularly for you is the diet are about to choose. Additionally you can’t approach an eating regime effectively without knowing your food preferences. They play enormous role

Set realistic goals.

There is NO diet, that will give you immediate result. Please note this fact.

I know, it feels like you’ve already did significant deed, when you bought vegan salad instead of glazed doughnut for lunch. And you want to be praised immediately. Nothing big, 1 size off would be just what you want. But… It’s not how it works. Though, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to give up glazed doughnuts. It’s kind of very bad for your health.

Next thing is, to form a habit.

I’ve mentioned how important habits are. And here you can see it working.

You really need only 21 day to adjust to your new regime. 21 day of torture effort. And 22-nd day will be absolutely relaxed and ordinary. And plus, by that time you should definitely get some results.

Adjust the diet to your needs.

Though, the milestones of every diet are usually the same (eat plenty of whole fruits and vegetables, eat fermented foods, have very low amounts of added sugar each day), but we all are different. Thus, don’t be afraid to tailor your diet. Listen to your body! 

Don’t avoid sport!

Once you start eating healthy, you can’t ignore exercising. Sport is absolutely essential for our bodies.

Why? First of all, because diet itself can only reduce your body fat and won’t make you look fit and awesome. And plus, for example, running increases your metabolism. That means – you’ll see results faster.

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