Every mom’s must see fun workout for kids

Last week we visited an incredible event which was hosted at the Central Park Zoo by L’il Critters gummy vitamins brand and the most outer-directed health expert in the world – Steve Ettinger. It seems to be one of the best and really working way to implement healthy lifestyle from a very young age.

To start with, Steve is unbelievable! He acts just like he is one of the kids (in a good way). They take him as an equal which makes it all fun.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is Steve.


When it comes to something that has to be obligatory done every day, kids start to hate it right away. Well of course if it’s not about french fries and sweets. Or TV.

L’il Critters and Steve managed to kindle kid’s attention and hold it through the whole workout! Remarkable! Especially for Avi and kids of his age.

During the workout kids learn how to move like animals. Which appears to be very joyful and extremely health-improving.


So, mommies, here is the easiest and funniest workout! Enjoy!

And of course don’t forget about vital nutrients that are very important for your little one’s healthy development. L’il Critters have all the essential vitamins and minerals and are tasty and yummy! Isn’t it just a perfect combination?


Oh! And they not only taste great, they look great. And even flowers flourish on the kindly soil of their multivitamin gummy bears! Incredible, huh?


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