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Ok guys .. so anyone who knows me, knows that I like to keep things simple and classy (fashion wise) .. and always?

One of my favorite sites of all time is They literally have thousands, could it be millions ? of chic clothing options. Let’s just say the surplus they have is not lacking.

And not even going to lie, their sale selection is where I look first and always buy from. When there are so many cute options on sale why bother paying full price? I will wait a while on that one b/c seriously if I bought everything I wanted at full asking price I would be broke, not that I am not already broke now but you know what I mean. ;)

By the way … I am not getting paid or acknowledged to write this article using Revolve’s clothing, I wish ;) (I love you Revolve)

The truth is I just LOVE its online boutique THAT MUCH!!!

Okay, so here are some of my favorites that I am lusting over right now that exude class and chicness.

BTW I love how you can search by price with their website because that is always how I shop recently. That and by the size. There are literally so many filters to choose from when searching it is makes shopping such a breeze.

That being said, for the purpose of this post, and let’s not lie, all that I can afford at the moment, all my picks are under $100.

You’re welcome.

P.S. I am not ashamed that these looks are all under $100. Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive by any means. I guess I’m just in that type of mood today :P

It’s weird I am choosing so many playsuits aka rompers (btw I hate the word romper) because I don’t too often wear them. Obviously I should consider wearing more of them, because they are so damn cute and easy to throw on, they look great with sneakers, and of course they are effortless. I think for Mommies playsuits are an essential. And sometimes it is nice to size up for a more relaxed look.

I’m also really feeling oversized sweaters at the moment. And again, although oversized, size up anyway for super relaxed, super comfy, fit. These types of sweaters look best with cropped skinny jeans. So chic.

I am imagining wearing all of these sweaters with cropped white skinny jeans and sneakers. Even in the warmer months, sometimes a sweater is necessary.

Well there you have it, my simple & chic picks of the week. When thinking elegant, don’t think of patterns, go for solids. It’s so easy to just through on jeans and a solid top when running out the door. Solids don’t mean plain in structure, having cut-outs and asymmetrical hems are always a good idea. Patterns in my opinion are confusing (sometimes) but to each her own!



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