DIY wall of sweet family memories

DIY wall of sweet family memories

Renting apartment in New York is quite a challenge. And landlords are actually the angriest people in the city.
In our previous apartment our landlord didn’t allow any nails. So, I had can buy adipex gnc to be creative to hang some family photos on the wall. And well, I invented a cool method.


All you need is:
– a lot of family buy allegra online pictures
– clothes pins
– double-sided tape
– free time

And the best thing about this wall of pictures is, that you can make a rotation.

DIY wall of sweet family memories

Step #1.
Choose some pictures. The more you choose, the better!

Step #2.
Put some tape on one side of clothes pins.

Step #3. 
Stick it to the wall.

Step #4.
Pin photos)

Tip: you can pin anything, stuff like tickets or notes.

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