Culottes That Fit Your Budget

Culottes That Fit Your Budget

Being a fashionista can be an expensive proposition! Primarily because fashion trends change every season and sometimes this means:

  • A complete change of your wardrobe.
  • Buying a whole set of new accessories.
  • Alterations to your clothes.
  • Going in for a new colour palette

and much much more!

But staying true to your fashion senses doesn’t have to be a costly affair if you are on a budget.

For instance, culottes are making a come back into the limelight. And why not, after all? Stylish, comfy and totally appropriate.

And if you are looking for affordable culottes, here are a few tips to follow.

Find the best online seller

Your search for wallet-friendly clothes should start online. Look through the websites of multiple sellers and check for:

  • Best prices.
  • Online sales.
  • Clearance sales.
  • Free shipping.
  • Great returns and refunds policy.

You should also check across the same type of culottes across multiple sellers. For instance, use the search term ‘black silk culottes’ and visit the websites of all the sellers to see which one has the best offer.

Look for sales

Every now and then online sellers will offer sales of various kinds. You can spot great prices during such seasonal sales and also during new product launches. Consider signing up for the newsletters of sellers who offer great quality products so you will be informed on the announcements.

Buy smart

Even though there is a mouth-watering array of colours, patterns, brands and so on, you should invest in some standard ‘types’ of clothes. 

  • Culottes in easy-to-pair colours such as black, white, beige and brown.
  • Culottes according to occasions – work, party etc.
  • Choice of materials – silk is likely to be more expensive than cotton culottes. 

Once you have stocked your wardrobe with these standard choices, you can mix and match your tops and accessories to create unique outfits every single time. 

Classic versus contemporary

In traditional terms, culottes are calf length pants which have a lot of volume to make them look almost like skirts. However, the fashion world has also produced many variations. You will have to decide whether you want to stay classic or make some bold choices. The classics have the advantage of being timeless and will probably look good with almost any top and accessory you choose. The trendy ones will need careful pairing and the result can be too much.


It is also good to invest in great accessories – shoes and bags, jewelry and wristwatches. Here again, if you choose your accessories with care, you can mix and match with every outfit you wear in order to create a fabulous look. A red scarf can be worn with white or beige culottes. A neutral coloured clutch can be carried with virtually any outfit.

Staying within a budget when buying culottes is possible with a bit of thought.

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