Cool for the Summer

I want to gear this post towards expecting Mommies, yay!

NYC is a hottt place in the Summer and add a pregnancy to the mix and I’m sweating already.

If I were pregnant in NYC this is exactly what I would be wearing . . .

MATERNITY BOYFRIEND JEANS .. yes, they do exist (I just Googled them) :P

But you probably already knew that!? Anyways ..

I will 100% be wearing these in the Summer months when pregnant, and if they have rips even better because we all know it is HOT outside.

However, this look can go really wrong really fast, so make sure that you find a pair that looks something like this:

This model looks extremely chic & we can only hope to look this chic when pregnant so let’s go with the flow.


Plan to wear loose, flowy items when pregnant and outside. Lucky for us, loose tees look great with boyfriend jeans.

Chrissy Teigen had impeccable pregnancy style, however she also used one of the most expensive stylists on the planet.

And thanks to our obsession with celebs there are thousands of paparazzi photographs for us to delve through to achieve her maternity style.

When wearing maternity dresses, I think it’s best to go with a light stretch fabric, and it’s okay for the dress to hug your curves. Chrissy wears the maternity dress well, and she always wears a light duster to cover any insecurities.

DEFINITELY shy away from patterns whilst pregnant. It’s not a good look, I’m not a huge fan of patterns anyways, and I’m glad that we are shying away from them in general.

I love Chrissy’s cotton dress. Cotton feels especially good during the Summer months. These dresses by Isabelle Oliver are super chic:

I find dresses look best tighter when pregnant, because otherwise the dress can consume you if you’re not careful. However, jeans and tops are better looser most of the time. Of course there are exceptions to everything, and if the outfit looks good on you that’s all we can really ask for, right?




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