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So this week I stepped into a H&M and whoa since when did H&M get so chic!?!?

Normally I would avoid this store like the plague and keep walking.

Why? Is it because I think I am too good for H&M clothes? No.. not at all. I never go into H&M because all of their stores are huge and there is just too much selection to choose from.

Also, let’s be honest for a second, whenever entering a store like H&M or Forever 21 I find myself carrying way too many items, I can feel my arms breaking off, my hands are swollen from carrying the loads of clothes and hangers, I find myself waiting on too long of a line for a fitting room, finally I am trying on my 20 pieces of clothing, none of which I like, and then ultimately I leave the store feeling hot, overwhelmed, and as if I just wasted hours of my time.

Unaccomplished would be the exact word to describe the whole experience.

Sound familiar? Well, I just discovered H&M’s and Forever 21’s websites and they are good!!


Recently H&M is stepping up their game and making more sophisticated clothing. Forever 21 is also creating more refined looks, but you have to be patient and willing to look for them.

I was pleasantly surprised at H&M’s selection of clothing, from their dresses to their sweaters. Super chic! And let’s face it, their prices are so affordable that you can order several pieces without feeling like you just broke the bank. Don’t have time to return clothes that you don’t like? Or maybe it’s just too much effort to return a $20 shirt? Two $20 shirts sitting in your closet waiting for you to “return” them? Even better.

Donate them instead! It is much appreciated on the other end and consider it charity work :) There are drop off points everywhere so no need to go out of your way to do this.

Both H&M’s and Forever 21’s selections online are still equally as huge as their in store selections but by browsing online you can use their filters and search for what you specifically want. So convenient.

H&M is a more mature store than F21, but F21 does have some super cute dresses that are so easy to throw on and you can literally buy 5 at a time. Only like 3? Perfect, donation time. It’s a sign that someone out there needs that dress more than you, trust me. All six dresses below from

00202243-04 00213440-01 00219681-02 00220092-05 00233838-01 00179792-02

Dresses are the best because you can just throw them on and go.

For mommies this is perfect.

Add black tights in the fall/winter time to dress the look up and battle the cold.

OMG and did I mention H&M has the chicest maternity wear!! Yes, google it.

Below are some of my favorite looks from

hm-lace hm-green hm-black hm-denim hm-satin hm-bow2

Ladies, online shopping gives us another reason to get through these next 5-7 business days.

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