Carpet cleaning tips for busy moms

I’m pretty sure most of my friends, when they hear that I live in New York, picture enormous ceilings and spotless hardwood floors.

But the reality is slightly less luxurious. Slightly.

Most of NYC apartments actually have a carpet. And carpet + kids… Well, should I explain it?

Here are some natural homemade recipes, that will make your life significantly easier.

1. Natural odor remover

Mix 1 cup borax and 1 cup cornmeal. Put it on the carpet and let it sit for an hour. Clean with vacuum cleaner.

2. Stain remover

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Apply on stains. Don’t let it sit more than 15 minutes. Wash with hot water. And dup with an old towel.

3. Shaving cream solutions

Shaving cream works awesome for long pile carpets. Just use it as carpet shampoo. Click here to know more.

4. Freeze the gum

Kids and gum – bad combination. Kids, gum and carpet – even worse. But the solution is even more simple that you can imagine. Put some ice on the gum and let it freeze. Take the gum out. Done.


Just call the professionals or click to the website. And go sip a green tea at nearest SPA. 😉

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