Boudoir Vibes

I feel like everywhere I look I am seeing lace camis and lingerie. That is not necessarily a bad thing BUT I do think that we are abusing the look and I want to help you make the look easy and effortless! (how it should be)

The “boudoir vibes” look is not a bad one, it is actually very glamourous, sometimes mysterious, and always sexy to me.  It is also one that all women look great in. Honestly.

Like all looks, this one was trending a while back, went into hibernation, and now re-emerged in all its glory.

Let’s look at how NOT to wear this look. Most women are wearing this look so I am hoping that I can help shed a little light on how to pull it off and look classy not 99cent trashy 😉

Ok so this is gonna be a NO for me ….


Lately I noticed a lot of women emulating Kim’s outfits and they are just cheapening themselves and their look. Ladies please do not wear things like this on the street in public, it screams “attention whore” trust me.  



Now this is lace done right. With a strappy black sandal and a faux fur or silk shrug thrown over your shoulders, ladies you are stunning walking into any room (turning heads in a good way)  

This look is also a stunner …


A silk slip dress never goes out of style.

Try this one by Equipment

netaporter-com  equipment-scarab-racquel-slip-dress-product-3-834593089-normal

If you are not feeling brave enough to wear this on it’s own, throw on a silk/satin/similar-type-material black (or other single color) longline jacket over it and it will keep your look chic all night.

This is definitely a mom look. It is quick, easy, and super polished.

So now is the time to wear your lace and silk garments proudly (and with dignity)!

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