Baby Bags

Ah Ha .. you thought this was going to be an article on, say, something like diaper bags?

Think again .. I recently got an e-mail from Neiman Marcus and the feature was “The Mini Bag”

Now this is no new trend, but one that is always reinventing itself in the coolest ways possible.

Judith Leiber does this trend the best, famous for her crystal minaudières. Of course her minis are thousands of dollars and are now considered collectors items, but we can all dream and drool at her much coveted petite perfections.

It’s funny because often the smallest of bags cost the most. Ever notice how a designer miniature/evening bag is always super pricey, even in comparison to its larger daytime bags? If you haven’t, take note.

I get that most of us here are mommies and just people living in the real world in general, and cannot afford multi-thousand dollar purses, but it is FUN to see what is out there and to at least know what we like, right? So let’s get on with it …

The bag that NM featured was a Christian Louboutin rainbow mini tote bag. Now this mini purse cost $2,400 but hey it’s pretty okay!!? And imagine how it photographs??? Definitely a statement bag and I would suggest if you were to purchase this beauty, to treat it with care and it will last forever.

Now one thing that I love about mini bags is how creative and playful they are. But in my opinion, you have to be careful here. Go big and go bold but do not overdo it on the “cutesy” vibe. If you do, you will be handing your beloved mini to your child sooner than you may realize. Hey, at least it’s the perfect size for her, right?

So although I adore the colorful Fendi mini peek-a-boos, I prefer a slightly more mature vibe. Slightly.

I just LOVE this Fendi micro baguette.

And how can you not adore this mini Lady Dior bag? So chic and versatile.

Let’s not forget about Chanel’s ability to always construct the perfect purse, no matter the size.

Okay, now I am officially going to go cry my eyes out, yes bawl, because I don’t have any of these bags and we just basically tortured ourselves. Sorry I had to put you through that. But I would do it again. Totally impractical, cramped, and 100% unaffordable but I love them all.

It is fun to fantasize at least once a day, otherwise how would we keep sane?




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