All you need to know about star signs and their tantrums

Believe it or not, but stars actually seriously affect our behaviour.

So you have a little Aries crying a river of tears when you make him eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of his fav fruity loops?

This little horoscope will help you to get prepared. At least to know what to expect and how to stop (or prevent it).



Wha Aries does when he gets upset? He starts crying – naturally.

Buckle up, mommy! Aries are beyond doubt one of the most gingery star signs! No wonder, because it’s element is fire!

Inside every little Aries there is a flame! And when they are furious – the flame comes out!

They are easily hurt. Even one tiny simple innocent word can hurt your little Aries. The good thing is, that they will most likely tell you what upset them. The bad news are – you’ll have to let them spill it out.

The best way to stop the tantrum is – to act like nothing is going on.


2. Taurus

What Taurus does when he is upset? He starts to hold a grudge.

So naturally, a Taurus having a tantrum – is a rare thing to see. But if you do… God help you!

You are going to witness a volcanic eruption! A long-lasting one. Give him some time to spill it all out. And then show him some love.


3. Gemini

What Gemini does when he is angry? They start talking non stop.

They’ll hate you, blame you and might even curse. They will even seem calm, but their words can be sharper than knife.

The trick with Gemini is, that their duality is absolutely unpredictable. That’s why it’s like playing Russian roulette. You never know how they are going to act.




4. Cancer

What cancer does when he is angry? He gets confused.

Every Cancer is very loving, understanding and tender. And all they need from their environment – is love!

But if he feels under-loved or God forbid unappreciated – he starts to resent.

If you ignore it, he’ll shut down. And if you ignore him further, he’ll think that you don’t care about him. He’ll start suffer in silence. He will put on an act. Act like he doesn’t need your attention. But deep inside, he is actually hoping for you to approach and prove your love.



5. Leo

What does Leo do when he is angry? He roars and growls.

It’s very easy to trigger Leo’s anger trigger.

And there is going to be a huge scandal! Leo is going to make a real scene!

If Leo is insulting and offending you – most likely it’s not planned. And he does not even mean it.

Good news. Leo will forget about his grudge as suddenly as he started his scene. Just give him his favourite candy.



6. Virgo

What does Virgo do when he is angry? They start boiling in their own anger.

It’s extremely rear, to see Virgo throwing his anger outside of his head. They are extremely patient. Sometimes they bear their anger inside for so long, that it starts affecting their health. They start to avoid to express anger. So, you might not even notice that something is going on. But when if it happens, the fury will be so strong, that you can feel it even from another room.

But even then, Virgo prefer to be passive aggressive. They will choose to leave the room or even hide.




7. Libra

What does Libra do when he is angry? Keeps it all inside.

Libra are always trying to be balanced. They hide their feelings. They consider anger to be highly repulsive for other people. Other people’s opinions are very important for every Libra. So they will try to avoid expressing their true feelings. And if it’s unavoidable, they’ll run away.


8. Scorpio

What does Scorpio do when he is angry? Creates emotion chaos!

As some other signs we mentioned before, Scorpio likes to keep his anger under control. At leas for some time. Their tantrums are actually very well planned.

Long before actual conflict, they will carefully plan it.

If he is silent, don’t push him to talk. You’ll regret later.


9. Sagittarius

What does Sagittarius do when he is angry? Destroy.

It’s very easy to trigger them. And unlike Scorpio, they won’t hold back. Words come first.

The main thing with Sagittarius is not to let them be bored. Sometimes they crete dramas just because they are bored.

They love to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Thus, if there is no problem, they’ll create it.


10. Capricorn

What does Capricorn do when he is angry? They hoof!

Capricorn depend on discipline and schedule a lot. That’s what they expect of their environment.

Most likely they just want their personal space to be in certain condition.

You never know what Capricorn is angry about. Furthermore, you might not even notice that they are angry. They don’t like to demonstrate their emotions. They prefer to ignore you instead.


11. Aquarius

What does Aquarius do when he is angry? Meditate.

No seriously. Aquarius won’t be a part of useless argument. He’ll walk away and ignore you.

If there is no way to ignore, he’ll explode. But only because he is upset he couldn’t avoid it.


12. Pisces

What does Pisces do, when they are angry? They make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven!

Pisces are actually pretty melancholic. Which is good. Because it keeps them from self-destruction.

Because when they are angry, they are usually angry with themselves.





If it happened, Pisces will need a time to cry it out.



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