5 tips to make your trip with kids better

Traveling with kids can be a real challenge. Especially staying in fancy hotels, that are absolutely child unfriendly.

These 5 tips will help you to survive through your vacation.

1. Start your trips early.

But make sure you don’t mess with nap time schedule. Plan your trips as convenient for you little one as possible. Meaning. If you can avoid him/her having a nap on the road – great! If the trip is too long and you can’t make stops, make sure that you child will have all the possible comfort to have his nap.

2. Pack essentials.

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Favorite blanket, beloved toy, bottle of milk, a book. Everything that can help your child feel comfortable.

3. Check sound apps.

There are plenty of apps that provide you with variety of different sounds to create more relaxing atmosphere. Starting with the most known “white noise” to “pond”, “birds” and a lot more.

4. One parent in charge.

Traveling is exciting, confusing and sometimes overwhelming. It’s easier for kids to stay focused if they know the plan. Make sure you allocate responsibilities. Mom is in charge of packing, dad is in charge of tickets. 

5. Stay positive.

Life is life. And no matter how hard we plan and try to stick to the plan – ? happens. Don’t panic! Kids are very sensitive to their parent’s emotions. Be positive, be calm. 


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