5 things to buy before snow storm strikes

5 things to buy before snow storm

As we mentioned, who actually knows how that storm is going to look like. 

But just in case, we composed a list of things you need to have if the snow storm hits NYC. It’s a mommy list. So I won’t mention food, water, flashlights and diapers. We already know we need to have it, right? 

5 things mommy should buy before snow storm strikes

1. Snow boots.


Moovboot company makes extremely adorable and warm boots! Want to be warm and keep your glamorous look? Moovboots are exactly what you need to buy. And for God’s sake hide those uggs. Seriously. Unfortunately the website was someway shutdown. I can’t really imagine why!?

But you can still find them on Ebay

2. Snow boots for your little nugget.

So far, I haven’t found better boots for kids than uggs. Their water resistant series is absolutely incredible. Though quite pricey. But you know for sure, the insole material is an absolute quality.

Kit is so far the best for us! No lace, velcro and pure fun!


3. Quality down jacket.

Yeah, this is important. The Canada buy zyrtec online Goose Bobcat Hoodie is the best choice. It’s a down coat that is engineered to perfection. Though it may seem a bit expensive. $295. It has growth cuffs that can be extended 1 1/2?. Thus it will serve you longer. 


Or Reversible and cute, the Baby Puff-Ball Bunting can be a nice warm and cheaper alternative.


4. Snow kids gloves

The gloves that stay on!!! Incredible tiny company from Minnesota produces the best gloves I’ve seen so far. They really stay on. Their new breathable waterproof technology is fabulous. The L-bow gloves come in so many different colors and variations – you can definitely choose something for your little one.


5. Thermos for your hot chocolate. 

You surely have to make some hot chocolate.

We’ll publish the recipe as soon as we find a perfect one. But be sure, you’ll have it by this weekend.

You need you yummy treat to stay warm for all those hours you are going to enjoy the snow. Thus, you need the best thermos! Should I mention that Thermos brand is considered to be the best?


Have a pleasant snowy weekend!

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