5 reasons to learn how to sew ASAP!

There was a time (not so distant time by the way), when every decent girl knew how to sew.

Well, it wasn’t just a hobby. But a very useful skill. Actually, it was a necessity. Things weren’t cheap. Fixing things weren’t cheap either.

Our grandmothers and even our moms had a sewing machine in the house. Or at least knew how to use it.

Nowadays, when stuff is so affordable, services are so cheap and everything is so LOW quality, there is no need to sew. At least so they say. Every apparel brand encourages us to buy more. Change the whole wardrobe every season. But let’s take a closer look here. Why do we actually listen to them? Do we really need this many things?

Or we can simply focus on buying a smaller amount of higher quality clothes. And obtaining a great skill of fixing them.

Here are 5 reasons why you should learn how to sew ASAP!

1. It can save you money

Yep, I want to start with this reason. Even if you are going to invest in education, it will still cover all the expenses. And save you a buck.

I mean, what are the average alteration prices in your neighbourhood? No matter what needs to be fixed, the price will be no less than $20. In meantime you’ll pay around $200 for the average sewing class. The whole class. And it’s a lifetime knowledge, which you will use.

2. It reduces stress


You got me right! Doing something with your hands, that doesn’t involve Facebook – is incredibly relaxing. Doctors actually promote occupational therapy as one of the best ways to fight anxiety and stress.

3. Respect for effort

In modern world we have somehow forgotten about the importance of effort. We get everything so easily that we never actually appreciate it. And that sounds just sad. Sewing can help you to understand and teach your kids the value of effort. And it also helps to learn how to care for things to help them last longer.

4. Setting a good example

All we want for our kids is to become decent human beings. But it ain’t easy when consumerism is flooding our world. And anything you need can be bought for money.

The only way to teach young people is to show them. On our own example. Sewing teaches patience. It shows how hard work can be rewarding. And above all, that things have value, when you put effort in them.

5. It helps to express individuality

It’s easy to get caught in trends and fashion. Creating your own designs means that you’re not controlled by fashion. But fashion is under your control. Sounds great to me 😉


Most of the clothes we buy today are extremely low quality. Materials are cheap and far from natural. When you sew you can choose your own natural materials. You can control the process from the early stage of picking materials. This is extremely important, especially when it comes to babies and kids.

Make It Sew NYC  is the go to place for those who wish to learn sewing at a fun, relaxed environment!


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