5 Gym Excuses that are totally real

There are those days, when you kind of just want to cancel your Equinox membership and stick to your Netflix account…

Switch off your phone, get your comfy pajamas on, grab some of your fav Haagen Dazs ice-cream and relax. We got your guilt problems covered.

1. Running makes your face skin to lose elasticity

There is a belief that running cause oxidative stress, which may damage skin cells, supporting elastin and collagen fibers.

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P.S. No panic! If your are moderately working out on a regular basis, it actually acts like an antioxidant!

2. Crossfit coaches can get certified in two days.

How much knowledge do they really have? It doesn’t mean that your coach is that bad. But you might consider asking him some questions.

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3. Running on a had surface damages your knees.

There is an idea that our bodies are not made for running on the pavements. There is an amortization system inside all our joints, including knees. The thing is, that we are more like off-road vehicles. We are not created to be running on hard surfaces.

You can always use a special running track tho. Or just run on the beach… Oh… Dreams…

4. Foot Fungus.

There is an actual reason why it is called the athlete’s foot. 

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5. Lines.

Yes, living in NYC has it’s downside. Even if you go to the gym at like 6AM, there is still a LINE!!! I swarm sometimes I feel like they just stay there for the night. Really.

5 Gym Excuses that are totally real


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