5 gift wrapping strategies on a budget

5 gift wrapping strategies on a budget 

Hear that strange song from the Coca Cola commercial? The Holidays are coming!

There is no escaping it. All that wrapping and packing. Especially if you’re on a budget. Sometimes wrapping can cost even more than a present itself.

Of course, you can always go the easy way and just use a store bought bag.

Although we live in a digital era where social media dominates our lives, there is still a huge sentimental value for tangible gifts in the society. A good wrapping can maximize the value of the gift and it is a way of expressing your feelings about the receiver. Mentioned below are some of the gift-wrapping ideas that don’t cost you much.

1. Stamped wrapping paper 

Handmade items are the best when it comes to gifts. Stamped wrapping paper is a cool idea that needs a little craftsmanship. It is budget friendly and easy to do trick. You can accomplish the task with the assistance of one potato, some plain paper and an inkpad. Cut the potato in half and make a stamp with the shape you desire (a heart, star, a letter etc). Use the inkpad and start stamping on the plain paper with the ‘potato stamp’ you just made.

2. Make a wreath 

If you have a plain wrapping already, you can try adding a wreath to it to enhance the appearance. This can be ideal for a Christmas gift. The main item you need to make a wreath is a good leafy (and bendy of course) branch from your garden. Then find a wire or a string to tie the branch accordingly. The leafier and bendier the branch is better. Form a circle with the branch (to match the size of the gift) and tie it with the string. Make the strings or lines invisible (this is why fishing lines are the best). If possible, see if you got leftover 2K paint (optional) and spray over the leaves; so that the leaves will stay fresh for long time.

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3. Painted wrapping paper 

This is an opportunity for you to go wild with your creativity. Find some black papers with some paint or pen. Make sure that you paint with the gift wrap with full of imagination. If you chose to use paint, you can consider either splashing on the paper or flicking them to create awesome wrapping papers. However, you should take necessary precautions during the painting process to prevent ruining your carpet, floor, furniture etc. If you chose to use pen, however, you can draw some simple shapes such symbols, starts, hearts, letters, spirals, lines etc. depending on the type of the occasion. Use multiple colors to add more vividness to the paper.

4. Sew a gift bag 

You don’t need to be a professional tailor to sew a gift bag. Having access to a sewing machine and the ability of sewing straight lines is good enough. Nevertheless, if you need, you can go for hand sewing too. You can use cut pieces of cloth of your choice (you can use multiple materials together). Old blankets, cloths with textures, cushion covers etc. are good examples. Decorate the bag with some ribbon, buttons and fancy strings if necessary. Cinnamon sticks

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5. Plain white papers 

Interestingly, when decorated with a contrasting string, plain white papers can add a rich appearance to your gift. Keep it very simple; choose the color of the string wisely depending on the occasion.

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