5 gadgets to change home chores game forever

No matter what we do, who we are and where we live. We all have home chores. And even if you are that type of person who seem to enjoy cleaning (please call me if you are real, I want to see your face!) there will be one little thing you just HATE about cleaning.

As for me, it’s ironing.

Lucky enough, when I was growing up I rarely had to face this outerly awful act. My mom considers ironing relaxing. So she would gladly let me vacuum and wash and scrub. While she was getting her zen back.

When I grew up and had to move out (that magical moment we all hope will happen with our kids…) I had to face some serious difficulties. Until I figured that I can just drop off my stuff at a nearest dry cleaning…

Anyways, God bless technical progress! Now with a little help of tiny gadgets our life can be much LESS stressful.

5 gadgets to change home chores game forever

1. ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets and Allergies Home, Pearl White

Yeah, ok. It’s a keeper. It really does what it says and it’s relatively cheap. Actually it’s much cheaper.

But don’t throw your regular vacuum cleaner and your mop just yet. This little thing will definitely help you to maintain clean floors for 2 weeks or so. Which is freaking fabulous! I had to vacuum at leat 2 times per day before we got this little thingy.

And don’t forget about a regular canister buy xanax xr online vacuum cleaner.

2. Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirer

My oh my, this is a life changer.

I love to cook! I do. but when you have a big family, it’s not that much of a fun anymore. Especially when you are cooking béchamel, that needs constant stirring and boiling asparagus, that needs to be out of the water in less than 60 seconds. Now it’s not a problem anymore.

Robo Stir is just a must have.

3. JetSteam (TM) Portable Clothes and Fabric Steamer

This one is my fav. You know why. Because I hate ironing! It’s a torture!

And no matter how close is your local dry cleaner, sometimes you just need a last m,minute fix up! And this thing is ready to use in less than 60 seconds! And it’s so powerful, that I use it on my hubby’s shirts! it’s also great for reviving coats and brushing fur coats.

Get yours today with 10% off! Use the code STEAMS10

4. Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer – Shaver

Cashmere is great. Soft, magical and very expensive. And just one wrong step ruins it to the core. Unless you have this great shaver. Giving a new life to your favourite sweater had never been so easy. Or just a touch up to your bed throw. I’m a fan. Really.

5. WINBOT W730, the Window Cleaning Robo

When I moved to New York, the first thing I noticed was dirty windows everywhere!

Honestly people! Your windows are so gross that it’s blocking sunlight. Get yourself a Winbot!

A cutting age technology!


Main photo credit funifi.com

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