5 fantastic free courses you can take from home


5 fantastic free courses you can take from home

Education is expensive. We all know that nowadays. But not everybody knows that priceless knowledge – can actually be free. You just need to know the right place to find it. Plus, education doesn’t necessary has to be as time-consuming as we are used to think. You can learn at your own pace now. With the raise of technology (thanks God) – the world of education has changed for ever. You don’t have to even be physically present.

Here are some courses, that our team found worth of your attention.

1. High-Impact Business Writing

University of California, Irvine

Presented by coursera.org

Learn how to improve your business writing skill, communicate your objective clearly and adjust your writing style to your audience.

2. How to Write an Essay

University of California, Berkeley

Presented by edX.org

This course is about basic grammar terminology and understanding. You will also learn how to tackle writing introductions and conclusions. And get effective strategies for writing longer texts and thesis statements

3. English for Journalists: Free Speech and Media Trends

University of California, Berkeley

Presented by edX.org

Apart from improving your English vocabulary and grammar, obtain a skill of effective communication in interviews and reports. Explore different styles of news writing include humor, satirical, sports and broadcast. What is ethics, equality and fairness as they apply to journalism.

4. Science and Cooking

HARVARD University

This priceless course will help you to make a link between cooking and science. It’s all about the kitchen chemistry. Step by step follow the instructions as chefs share their most well-kept secrets and the Harvard team reveals the science behind their culinary masterpieces.

5. 21 Days to Building a Web Business


The course is basically a guide on creating your own online business. Not too easy, but made quite understandable.


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