5 decluttering tricks every mom should know

5 decluttering tricks every mom should know

Keeping home tidy is very important.

It obviously should be a responsibility of each and every member of a household.

But let’s be true, often the person who is bargained with the role of keeping the house at the cleanest level possible is none other than mother.

And it can be quite hard to keep up. Especially if you have sons…

Here are five tips from a mother of 5 sons, that will help you declutter home very easily.

Identify the important.

The first and foremost thing in decluttering is identifying which toys and other belongings are truly important for kids. Just get rid of the rest which is not used by kids to play. And trust me, if they don’t read this book, they won’t start reading it in a year. Don’t keep stuff like ski gear if you don’t go skiing! Why do you need it? Just in case if you will go to the mountains one blessed day? Well, you’ll rent! 

If you have lots of kid clutters, firstly go through the massive purge.

The way to do this is

  1. to plan a day off.
  2. go through the rooms and clean the entire area one by one at a time.
  3. take everything off that area and pile it aside and choose only the important stuff and get rid of the rest. If it’s still good it can be given to a charity.
  4. once one part of area is finished move on to the next areas of a room. If this method is followed the entire room can be completely tackled in a couple of hours.

Get the idea on how large is the project “decluttering”.

First it’s important that you look each and every room of the house and understand the level of the project in hand. Study about the task in hand for a minute and ensure to plan for the best results. See if the room serves any type of purpose, does the room make your family happy and how can the room be made better.

Plan what to do with the discarded items.

Find for the best way to dispose your stuff. Consider charity or selling some of them to local thrift shops.


Start with the most important rooms and dump the waste into the room you want to free last. 


Main photo credit Liliane Limpens

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