5 beauty tips to make you fabulous for Valentine’s Day

We, moms, know how little time we have for ourselves. Especially when it comes to exercises and working out. But this is the whole another story…

The date night is tomorrow and there is no time for long-term time investments into our beauty. We need super quick and working tips to pump our appearance before the date!

1. Tan

Since we have no time to go for a romantic vacation to Caribbean, we can at least remind ourselves how awesome it was. A light touch of bronzer will do the trick. Don’t overdo the glow, though. Our personal fav is Betty Lou from The balm

2. Perfect legs

No time for your regular waxing session? I’d say it’s not a problem this year, since you’re most likely are going to wear a snow suit… But just in case if this date might end in heels and stockings. Use baby oil instead of shave buy augmentin online cream. It will protect your skin from unexpected damage and provide an extra quick glide.

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3. Revive your manicure

Add a shiny top coat over whatever polish you have! It will take you only 5 minutes, but will look just like you have a fresh manicure.

4. Add some aroma

Use essential oils on your hair instead of regular perfume. Essential oils stay longer on your body and don’t mix with other odors.

5. Last minute tip

Forgot your compact powder at home and your glossy T-zone is misbehaving? Use a piece of those paper toilet seat covers as a blotting paper.

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