5 awesome hairstyles for really busy moms

5 awesome hairstyles for really busy moms

Being a mom of 3, running the world your own business and still manage look fabulous… Sounds like a fairy tale.

But might be totally realistic.

My grandmother always used to say:

To look attractive you don’t need to be overdressed. All you need is a nice hairdo and tidy shoes

I’m pretty sure, that there was something she knew about life.

1. It took me a while to recreate this one. But I just can’t get enough of it now.

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2. Halo braid. Great for medium length.

Has a bit of Amy Winehouse and a drop of hippy princess. Sounds like a great combination to me.

3. Fake fringe

This style comes extremely in handy when you got that “I need to change something” thing.

4. Shell reinvented.

I’m simply in love with this one! Looks incredibly complicated. Just like you’ve spent your entire day doing your hair. But takes literally seconds! Magic!

5. Now this is what I call “just a pony tail”

Looks super easy. But in deed it took me a while until I finally mastered it. You’ll need a couple of times until you’ll find it delightful. 

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Main photo credit Abigail Keenan

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