5 fashion designers from Ukraine you just have to notice

First of all, let me say, that it’s been a while since I abandoned fashion world. And I’ve been thinking, that it was for ever.

But, you can’t escape who you are. Little by little it it started to come back into my life.

First things first. Let me explain to you WHY you should start buying fashion from Ukrainian designers. 

  1. It’s cheaper! Much cheaper.
  2. The quality is extremely high. Especially comparing to the price you pay for the item.
  3. Most natural fabrics, like linen, cotton and wool are produced in Ukraine. Using natural dyes and never treated with fire retardant chemicals.
  4. Bespoke. Most of the items are custom made. Meaning you can choose color, material, length, fit… Anything. And it will be exclusively done, especially for you. Cheaper. Much cheaper.


Sounds convincing enough? Wait until you see the items. Let’s move to

5 fashion designers from Ukraine you just have to notice

1. Elena Rudenko

Born Ukrainian. Now lives and works in NYC. Thanks God! ;)


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Elena is a real Prêt-à-Porter of Ukrainian fashion. “Every little thing she does is magic!”. I have a few items of my own of course.


2. Viychuk lingerie

Agent Provocatour, I’m sorry, I choose Viychuk! Exclusively custom made! Incredible designs. Good quality. Extremely lightweight like a feather!


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I absolutely adore mine.


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3. Soulmates. Slow fashion atelier

Two lovely ladies started this fashion brand as a hobby. Lucky us! Due to extremely high attention to details and quality, a hobby grew into one very popular brand.


4. Kachorovska atelier

Two generations of shoemakers stand behind this popular brand. Highest quality! Best materials. Feels like Louboutin, but cheaper! Much cheaper!  


5. Svitlo

Ukrainian national style bijouterie and clothes. If you want to add some color – might be the best choice. And once again, prices are moderate! Keep in mind that most of the necklaces are made with gemstones.


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This list is far from complete! So stay tuned for more!

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