4 beauty life hacks for busy moms

Being a mother means having a super speed skill. You have to learn to do everything extra fast! Unfortunately this usually means, that you don’t have much time for yourself. Well, unless you have a time control superpowers. In-between changing diapers and feeding you might manage to make a ponytail and brush your teeth and usually thats all you can hope for.

It doesn’t have to be like this, mommies!

Here are MadMama’s top 4 life hacks that will change your everyday beauty routine!

1. Use diaper rash cream as an anti-blemish solution

Diaper cream contains zing dioxide which calms skin down and makes redness go away in minutes. Why spending money for an extra beauty product if you already have one that can solve the problem? Tip: usual Destin will do the job.

 2. Permanent make up for lashes.

Wouldn’t it be just awesome if you woke up with your makeup on? Now get ready for this break-through! I first heard of it in Europe. Didn’t have a chance to try it though. But I was searching for it in the USA. Apparently it’s not a very popular thing. It’s called Yumi Lashes. It’s a technology that naturally pimps your lashes! Just Keratin and some tint. And you look fabulous! Best idea for busy moms! My no makeup morning selfie proofs how awesome it works!


3. Homemade baby wipes as a makeup remover.

Coconut oil is not only the best moisturizer I’ve ever tries – it’s also a perfect makeup remover. Plus – it’s perfectly natural. No irritation guaranteed.


4. Corn starch as dry shampoo

Not only it makes your hair look cleaner it also gives a lot of volume. Which I, personally, love! It’s natural and safe. And definitely better that using the average dry shampoo from a spray bottle, which has the same main ingredient. No artificial fragrance, no harm to ozone layer, no smell, no mess. No strings attached.

Corn and starch on wood table

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