3 workout routines you’ll want to start today

3 workout routines you’ll want to start today

April starts tomorrow and that’s official. We have only 2 months to get the biking body of our dreams. Well, lucky you, if you have already reach your ultimate summer body. But, let’s face it, most of us kind of loosen it up for the winter period.

When choosing a new workout routine, the most important thing most women (especially mothers) consider – is TIME!

The less time it takes – the better.

And it should definitely work, be affordable, entertaining and beautiful.

What can I say, moms are kind of demanding.

1. The daily Tai Chi

If you live in New York, then you’ve definitely seen a group of people doing strange moves super slowly. Accompanied be weird music. They can do it for hours. Well, that’s Tai Chi. It’s actually a martial art. Even though it looks like it’s not. Tai Chi is proven to be extremely good for your health. Both physical and mental.

2. Ballet Beautiful

Who haven’t dreamt of becoming a ballerina? Come on! Every girl had that dream! This amazing workout is your chance fulfill that dream while getting fit and lose some weight.

3. Yogalates

Yoga and Pilates blended together in a perfect combination of 15 minutes workout! Just 15 minutes per day and you are ready for the beach season!

Photo credit Olenka Kotyk

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