3 things we hate about our husbands

We have all experienced it. He is all awesome and incredible before you said that “until death do us part”.

It’s a damn spell, I’m telling you. Sometimes I feel like the day you wear that white dress and put a ring on his finger is nothing but a stupid formality. But then again, what the hell happens with them after it?

And it doesn’t even matter if you have a luxurious wedding or a small 30 minutes ceremony in a city hall. It affects them anyway. You can’t escape. Trust me, I’ve tried to do it in many different ways.

You can even buy tickets to Vegas and get drop dead drunk.

It’s some kind of an old magic.

It works anyway.


1. Comparing you with his mom

Good God. Hope my husband is reading this. If not, could any of you please send him the link?

Your mom is definitely awesome. I mean she raised you and I’m grateful. But guess what? Who is doing your laundry and cooking you dinner? Who is constantly searching for your socks stashed all over the house? Me! ME! ME! i’m the star of this movie!

3 things we hate about our husbands

2. No quality time

So now you’re married. And all of a sudden he thinks that sitting on the couch, watching some sports and eating pizza is a perfect date. And the next time you complain, that you barely communicate, he’ll be like: “babe, we spend every evening together”. Seriously?

3 things we hate about our husbands

3. Constant mess

If I say, that this chair stays in the kitchen and this towel has to be in the bathroom – this is how it should be! Unless you want to experience the Ira decorum! There is a special place for your dirty sweatpants too. It’s called laundry basket! And your damn keys, you constantly lose around the house, have their place as well!

3 things we hate about our husbands

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