3 easy steps to find your Zen

We’ve all read thousands of books and some of us even attended seminars in pursuit of harmony.

But sometimes it’s getting kind of impossible to reach it. Especially if you’re a mom.

Dirty diapers, piles of laundry and tons of dishes. And in addition – no quite time. Well, if you fell like it’s quite, than you probably just passed out.

Anyways, there is a way to bring a real ZEN into your complicated world.

With these 3 easy steps to find your Zen

1. Remember what’s important

Exhausting cleaning routine will be the part of every mother’s life. But, lets face the truth, nobody will die if you just leave it for the next day. But if your child wants to play/hug/hang around with you and you will choose floors over quality time with your kids… Your harmony will slip away.

2. Routine works!

I know. When we were young and didn’t care about anything in the world, we used to laugh about people who have schedules. But, hey! You know, schedules – work!

3. Prioritize

Let’s be true. You have your needs. Whether it’s a yoga class or late night date – you need it. You need it to be happy, healthy, but the most important thing – you need it to be a great mom.

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