3 back to school items you really need asap

3 back to school items you really need asap

I’m pretty sure you are expecting to see some pencils and backpacks here.
Or at least designer notepads and useful apps.
But it’s not the case.

When preparing our kids for school, we tend to forget about the most important thing of all. Our wellbeing.
They say: “happy mom – happy kid”. We all know this words, but somehow fail to grasp the meaning.

Having kids is hard. And I can’t stress too much about how hard it is on us, moms.

Thus, I decided to make a short list of things, that might make this crazy ride of starting a school year a little bit easier.


I can see you asking: “whaaaat?”
But trust me you need it!

It’s not just a beautiful artsy decoration for your living room couch. It’s an ultimate relaxation tool.
There is a built in shiatsu massager.
It goes like this. You were late to get your kids from school. It was all crazy. Kids were exhausted. Teachers were unhappy. There are tons of homework. You need to pick up some groceries on your way home and cook dinner.
You come home, order Chinese, let your kids go crazy with their toys, pour yourself a glass of wine 🍷 and turn on the MCUSHION… and here comes the ZEN.
By the time delivery guy comes, you’re a person again.

You’re happy, balanced and relaxed. And when your partner comes home, you feel whole again. And can actually be engaged in a conversation and be sweet.

Just show this article to your hubby. He’ll order one for you today, I promise.


There’s a huge sale on the website going on right now


2. Split A Bottle

That glass of wine I was talking about before. Here it is, girls.

It should be THE RIGHT kind of glass. And this one (actually two) is just the right one.

While I honestly prefer to split a bottle between Monday and Friday, you might want to arrange a perfect date night with your hubby. Split A Bottle are two glasses that fit the whole bottle of wine, yet still look stylish.

Perfect anniversary present if you ask me.

Oh yeah, get 15% off if you order with promo codeΒ MADMAMA2Β 


3.Brand X Huaraches

Though it might seem like a totally random list of things. It’s not.

I know how usual day of a random mom looks like. You’re still trying to look somewhat beautiful while running in between school, kindergarten, work, grocery store and countless activities you’ve planned for your LO. And usually the first thing you give up are nice shoes. You turn to more comfortable option – ugly running shoes.

Well, you don’t have to anymore. Since I’ve tried the Brand X Huaraches, I’m a fan.

Their website might not look as fancy as Manolo’s. But these shoes are a gem. Handmade. Vegetable tanned real leather. No glue. No really NO GLUE! Really cheap.

The shoes are amazing. Extremely comfortable. Perfect for a busy mom. And yes, they actually look absolutely LOVELY!


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