10 tips for happy pregnancy

10 tips for happy pregnancy

It’s not a secret that, pregnancy can be a very hard period of a woman’s life. Of course there are things that you can’t change or avoid. Like hemorrhoids and stretch marks huge belly and bulky clothes… Yet you can make it significantly better!

After all, it all depends of every woman’s attitude and mood.

Thus, we asked some of our fellow new moms to share some tips for happy pregnancy.

10 tips for happy pregnancy

1. Read only positive books.

We are all familiar with “What to expect when you a are expecting” and all those fears and paranoia that it will give you, right? Well, don’t you dare reading it! Try something positive! For example “Belly Laughs” by Jenny McCarthy. She is hilarious and isn’t afraid to be funny and tell her personal stories. Give it a try. Click for more pregnancy books recommendations.


2.  Do sports.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to join your local curling team or start a yoga class. Make sure it makes you happy and helps you relax. Sport is very important. It will prepare your body for one of the hardest events in your life. Sorry, positive attitude.

And if you already have kids, there are mother baby exercise routines

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3. Don’t buy maternity clothes.

It will save both your money and self-appraisal. Seriously. All those ribbons, pink lace and girly stuff will make you look like the marshmallow man from ghost busters! 


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4. Start a Vlog.

First of all it will let you keep track of time and changes that your body will go through. Second of all, it will help you to socialize with other moms or moms to be. And it’s just fun!


5. Drink more tea.

First of all you will need hydration. And most of herbal blends can help you to solve problems like constipation or upset stomach.


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6. Go to mommy meetups.

Yes, some of them can be really depressing. But most of them are actually very good. Especially those organized by Mompreneurs. Very inspiring.


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7. Apply to healthy cooking class.

Eating healthy is quite a challenge. Especially when you have to constantly deal with cravings. Starting with cheese sauce french fries from ShakeShack in the middle of the night and ending with hot dog for lunch. A health oriented group of people that get together and cook will make it much better! Trust us!

Healthy food will provide you with vitamins. But don’t forget to get the right kind of supplements.


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8. Don’t be afraid to travel.

Though it feels like it’s safer to stay home and dig into you couch. Try to travel as much as possible. New impressions and places will make you forget about pain or fear. Plus, you won’t get much time to travel as soon as you cutie pie will be born.


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9. Make love.

Unless your physician bans it. Sex gives you so many benefits. And yes, it makes you happier. And prepares your body to labor.


10. Do what you love!

If your job gives you satisfaction, don’t stop doing it! Even if it involves some physical labor. Positive emotions that you will get from it will totally outweigh tiredness.


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