When tragedy strikes, Mamas unite

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mr. Rogers

                Each time a tragic event happens, I always see this quote floating around social media. It is comforting to see police, EMTs, fire fighters, and even civilians running to the rescue. However, sometimes the help that is not right on the scene has an even greater impact.

Last week, the shooting in San Bernardino was felt all over America. Fourteen beautiful lives taken tragically through an absolute heartless act. As I wrote at the end of my article last week, this tragedy ended up hitting me closer than I would have imagined. I am a part of a supportive community called The Lil’ Mamas. On Wednesday, one of the mamas, Renee Wetzel, turned to the support group with a request: “Please pray. My husband was in a meeting and a shooter came in. There are multiple people dead/shot. I can’t get ahold of him and I’m freaking out.”  Tragically after about twelve hours of waiting, the group was informed that Renee and her family had fallen victim to this tragic event. Her husband Michael leaves behind six children who are grieving the unimaginable loss of a supportive and loving father.

The creators of this xanax online uk group, Alison Porter and Celia Behar, began a YouCaring page for Renee and her family. The large, but extremely close network of 3,500 mamas donated and/or spread word about the fund. To date, there has been over $300,000 raised to support the Wetzel family.Random Acts of Kindness

However, that is not where this group of mamas stopped!Random Acts of Kindness

For the past week, women from this group have pledge a mission to #SpreadLoveNotHate and #PayItForward through many different random acts of kindness. Through buying the person behind them coffee, giving out Target and grocery store gift certificates, purchasing another family a Christmas tree, and even just spreading messages of kindness and love, this group has continued to make sure that hate does not win.

IMG_5031It has become an obsession for me this past week to check in with the group to see what Random Acts of Kindness have been spread across not only America but the world! I have been so inspired to also perform my own RAOK and continue the cycle. Even though most of us started doing it in honor of Renee and her family, it has become this contagious feeling of love that I hope will continue on long after the dust of tragedy settles.

When tragedy strikes, mamas will unite.

Love always wins.


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