The smoothie challenge days 8 & 9

I had two more fruit days. I’m sorry, I really can’t force myself to make those kale smoothies. Soon I’ll have no choice, though, because I’m running out of fruit recipes.

My hubby jumped off the smoothie train, so it’s just me now.


I feel more energetic. Especially in the morning. I Know it doesn’t sound like a significant result, but it, actually, is. All those mornings before, I used to fell like a zombie. Everything was kind of blurry.

I don’t want sweets. Really. I mean it. I couldn’t spend a day without at least a little chocolate. Now I don’t feel that cravings anymore. And this is a huge achievement.

I feel lighter. I don’t buy xanax locally mean weight, even though, I did lost 5 pounds. I just don’t feel that heaviness in my body, that I felt before.

Ginger-pineapple smoothie. Day #8.


– 1 green apple

– 6 oz of Pineapple (aprox 1 ring)

– 6 oz of papaya

– 2 oz ginger

the smoothie challenge

You already know what to do, right? Peel, chop, blend, eat)

And enjoy.

the smoothie challenge


Grapefruit-pineapple smoothie. Day #9.

You will need:

– 1 grapefruit

– 6 oz pineapple

– 6 oz papaya

the smoothie challenge

Peel, chop, blend. Oh! By the way. I’ll show you the easiest way to peel grapefruit.

You will need a meat knife.

the smoothie challenge

First cut the grapefruit on halves. Put it on the board and just cut the peel off. It’s easier to do with the meat knife, because it’s bendable.

the smoothie challenge



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  • Eva Milstein April 15, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    Smoothies are great but I miss the information about what should I eat the rest of the day..
    Could you please add suggestions in your next posts?