The smoothie challenge

The smoothie challenge.
Here is the thing. Spring came so suddenly. And it appeared, that we are totally not ready for it. And the swimming suit season is up on us.
First of all, our bodies are begging for a fresh start. A good cleanse is exactly what we need.
So we started the smoothie challenge.

How it works.

Our gastrointestinal system is a cause of most of our health problems. Because we don’t usually pay a lot of attention to what we eat. Greasy, fried and heavy food; coffee, sugar and milk. Those foods are destructive for our bodies.
Did you know, that our stomach simply can’t deal with everything we put in it? And if so, then where does it all go? Guess what, it stays there! Inside your stomach.

Anyway, smoothies help!
Fresh buy azithromycin amazon vegetables are the best food for our bodies.

We started 1-month smoothie challenge. Every morning we are going to have a glass of fresh made smoothie. And of course no greasy junk food during the day.

Today’s recipe. Beetroot berry smoothie. For two)

The smoothie challenge

– 1 beetroot

– cup of blackberries

– 1 oz of fresh ginger

– 1 lemon

– 1 tb.sp of low fat yogurt

Peel beetroot, ginger and lemon.

Chop coarsely.

Put into food processor or blender, add berries. Blend until smooth.

Add yogurt.

The smoothie challenge


The smoothie challenge


P.S. Avi got his piece of the pie too)

I added a tea spoon of smoothie into his morning cereal.

The smoothie challenge

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