Spring holiday fever

Our family is huge and various.

If you can imagine a large bowl of flomax online prescription mix salad. With greens. veggies, olives, cheese, dry tomatoes, herbs, garlic and complex dressing – that’s us!

We are a mix of all possible cultures. Thus, when it comes to holidays, we, kind of, celebrate them all. Especially flomax online prescription in spring! Every year we are having a Spring holiday fever!

Easter time is non stop festival. And it’s not only for one week, like usual people do. It’s 3 weeks straight. And before Easter we also have maslennica. Very strange holiday) Everybody has to bake and eat crepes.

Normal people would get tired of such intense celebrating. But we decided, that all this stuff unites our big and crazy family. Traditions – are the glue to our relationship. So, having xanax online forum family traditions of your own – is always a good idea.

Well, this year we are far away from the main part of our family. So, me and brother’s wife, we decided to bake Easter cakes simultaneously in different parts of the world. It’s even more uniting. Same recipe, same propose.

Here is the result)

Well, my bro is a very good professional photographer, and my photo is taken on iPhone. So don’t judge.



And this is Olga & my brother Michael. Just to illustrate, how unusual my family really is. You’ve already seen my crazy beloved parents.



And a bit more of my brother!



You know, creative thinkers, they are like this.

Happy holidays! Love & cherish your family!


P.S Will publish the recipe this night!


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