Probably, the best sandwich in the city

When it comes to food, New York definitely has a lot to offer.

We have truly the best pizza, real gelato and incredibly awesome sandwiches.

And our family takes a full advantage of everything this city is cooking.

I’m not really a meat person, but my hubby is a real carnivore. So once in a while we go out to eat some meat. 🙂

Katz’s delicatessen is a family owned and operated eating-house. With simple interior, which reminds me of school refectories of USSR.

Plus, there is a statue of Lenin on top of the building just across the street. Too much of USSR for lower east side, huh?

Though, it’s trendy and alive neighborhood, crowded with young people.


When you come in, you get some kind of a food stamp card. Every time you order something, they make a note on it. This looks even more like my childhood in USSR. I know what you’re thinking about. Yeah, my childhood was tough. Actually, it was kind of cool and very creative.



Here comes the best part. The meat.

3o days (just think about it) cured corned beef tastes like an angel’s kiss. It’s light, it’s savoury, it’s saporific. Slow-cooking method – is what makes Katz’s meat to stand out among other delis.

It’s officially the best meat I’ve ever tried.


And servings are HUGE. Enormous. Cosmic!

And on top of that they have the mild-cured pickles. If have never tried this crunchy refreshing delight, then I highly suggest you to take a cab and rush to the lower east side immediately.

In the light of upcoming father’s day, I suggest you, mommies, to take this place in consideration. And they have catering too. 😉

Just look how an noordinary sandwich can make a man perfectly happy.

best-meat-on-the-lower-east-sideAnd a woman too.



This place is a meat lover’s dreamland.

And as if it’s not enough, there is a best gelato place right across the street. Il laboratorio del gelato.







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