Perfect breakfast – Lazy pierogi

Perfect breakfast – Lazy pierogi.

Time to explore my Ukrainian heritage and get some benefits out of it.

Ukrainian cuisine is actually very yummy! It’s different, but it has it’s charm. Not so exquisite and elegant as French. And not so friendly and easy as Italian. I mean, you have to have some guts to eat something called Borscht! Seriously.

They say it’s not that bad, though. I never liked it from the start. C’mon. Beet root and cabbage soup… it sounds bad enough.

Mom, sorry! You don’t want to know where all that Borscht ended after all…

But the recipe I’d like to share is incredibly delicious!

Have you heard about pierogi or vareniki? You sure did. And if you didn’t, make sure you’ll check out Veselka in the East Village.


Photo from citybuzz.

These are extremely hard to cook. I mean it. I remember we used to do it on Sundays. The whole family would gather, we make like hundreds of them. Freeze them and eat during the week.

Anyway, there is an easier recipe. It’s called Lazy Pierogi. And it’s delicious too!


1/2 cup cottage cheese or ricotta

1 cup flour

1 egg

1/8 cup sugar


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